About Us

71 Marr Rd, Rothesay, New Brunswick

September 2017

Tani Koi Judo was established in September 2017 by Richard McLean to serve the needs of youths within the community of Quispamsis and Rothesay. His efforts and leadership will attract sincere and dedicated instructors beginning with assistant instructor Andrew Vienneau, Hazel McLean, Byron Lingley and Megan Moir.

Tani Koi Judo is composed of the members who join us in learning and promoting judo. One of the most important are the voted volunteer members of officers to serve each year to organize social media, marketing and finance. The volunteer officers serve as board of directors of Tani Koi Judo. Through the generous donation of time and effort by the parents, officers, and especially by the head instructor, assistant instructor and coaches, Tani Koi Judo functions as an incorporated non-profit educational organization. The head instructor for Tani Koi Judo is Richard McLean. The head instructor appoints the assistant instructor(s), coaches and assistant coaches and they serve at his discretion.

Today, Tani Koi Judo continues to serve, participate and actively promote the activities of Judo within the Judo community and is a contributing member of Judo New Brunswick.

Our Program

Our program starts with an introduction to the basic movements, techniques and fundamental physical fitness, such as the development of strength, flexibility, agility, speed, dynamic and static balance, explosive power, and endurance.

Our program provides self defence techniques, opportunities for competitions, social interaction, discipline and, most importantly, a fun activity for all ages to enjoy.

Our Logo

The Koi symbolizes in Japanese culture adversity, the ability to obtain the highest goals and strong character. It was said that if a Koi was able to complete the journey through Dragon’s Gate at the top of the falls, then it would be transformed into a powerful dragon.


Say hello!

A great martial artist understands that it takes a team effort to build a great athlete.  Coaches, team members, parents, sponsors, therapists.  They all take up an important roll to help you reach your goals. So always stay humble, respectful, and kind.

71 Marr Rd, Rothesay, NB