July 5-9
July 12-16
July 19-23

Parent/Guardian: By submitting this form, you acknowledge that:

1. All registration forms are confirmed
for the week camp when e-transfer
has been deposited.
Etransfer: Tanikoijudo@gmail.com
$160 week from 9am-4pm
$ 75 week for half days 9am-12pm
P.R.O Kids deadline to apply Mar 31

2. Although every effort is made to
send registrants home with all of
their belongings, Tani Koi Judo is not
responsible for any loss or damage.

3. Your child will follow all reasonable
instructions from the staff/volunteers
of Tani Koi Judo while participating
in the program.

4. Tani Koi Judo reserves the right to
cancel a child’s participation in a
session if their behaviour is deemed
unmanageable or dangerous to
themselves or others, in which case
they will be sent home immediately.

5. You release Tani Koi Judo Club, its
staff, volunteers and Judo NB of and
from all manner of actions, claim and
demands of whatever nature which
result from any loss, injury or
expense sustained, arising out of or
in any way connected with the
participation in any program or
attendance at a location operated by
Tani Koi Judo Club.

6. In the event your child is injured, ill
or in need of medical attention and
you are unable to be contacted, you
authorize Tani Koi Judo’s staff and
volunteers to seek medical attention
on your behalf.

7. Prorated refunds apply for early
dismissal. No refund for early
dismissal for misbehaviour.


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A great martial artist understands that it takes a team effort to build a great athlete.  Coaches, team members, parents, sponsors, therapists.  They all take up an important roll to help you reach your goals. So always stay humble, respectful, and kind.

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